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KERSA welcomes you to the world of European hand puppets. You remember Kasper, Punch, or Guignol from your childhood. Puppet play is an unforgettable and valuable childhood experience. KERSA artisans understand this better than any other puppet crafters. 


  • The Classic series is KERSA's most popular line of figures. Every cloth head is stuffed by hand, shaped, embroidered and painted with loving care. These puppets are very light  and well suited for the hands of children and of adults.


  • The Lina series with cloth head is stuffed by hand, shaped and handpainted. These puppets are very light and well suited for the hands of children.


  • KERSA's charming Beni series features heads of lathed natural wood. The light grain gives the figures a natural and life-like appearance.  Especially endearing is the funny nose on their hand-painted faces.  A world of adventure awaits you with these charming hand-made puppets.


  • The hand-carved Micha puppets are created by our wood sculptor - a true master in his field. Carving and painting every head by hand is part of the elaborate process of creating these unique figures.

KERSAFinger puppets 

  • KERSA’s cute wooden finger puppets have a total height of 10 cm. Each of them is hand-painted.


All KERSA products are developed in close cooperation with child experts and pre-school professionals. Pre-schools recommend KERSA products to foster creativity and expression. Whether you are looking for a toy that stimulate child's imagination or are an avid toy collector, we're sure you will be pleased with our world-class products.  

About us - KERSAFamily

KERSA is Europe's leading handpuppet maker. Puppet crafting has been a family tradition for four generations.  Each puppet is hand-made in Mindelheim, Germany.  By continuing to use traditional techniques, each puppet retains its unique character and charm and brings joy for a lifetime. Our products don´t need a "power button" or batterie - they are powered solely by the child´s imagination.
Come and play with Kasper and his friends. 

Kasper theater is fun for the whole family. Kasper and his friends come alive for children as soon as the plays start. In this world of make-believe, children are free to express their thoughts and creativity. At the same time, the children  also develop their motor and verbal skills. 

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